To Know God To Embrace His Love and To Share His Love

As members of Westside Missionary Baptist Church we seek to grow in the life changing power of a loving relationship with God through the forgiveness of sin made possible by His Son Jesus Christ. We would like to share that experience with the families in our community, our state, our nation and the world.

Our goal is to uphold the teachings of the Bible with meekness and compassion. We believe that all men are sinners and only Jesus Christ, God’s only Begotten Son, will save us from our sins. We provide friendly Bible centered study groups, activities and fellowship for the entire family.                                                    

 Families are vital in the economy of God; they are fundamental building blocks of society and the church. The more the church does to help and heal families the more successful they will be in fulfilling the mandate God has given the church.  Churches helping to heal families will do more for this nation than politicians or government programs can ever do.